During the formation of RES in cross river, many of the rural women were skeptical about joining the scheme but they were later convinced by the reality of the programme, in the beginning of the programme, we started with 200 women before other women enrolled in.

Since the inception of the RES programme in Cross River, CWSI have recorded success stories from the women on the project which are as follows: CWSI gives each beneficiary a token amount for a start and monitor its usage for the benefit of their entire family. As they try to pay back what has been given to them they are encouraged to save no matter how little.

  1. Many of the women built their capital through this programme
  2. Some women bought motor bike from their savings through this programme.
  3. Others were able to pay their children’s school fees which they were not able to pay initially. The interesting aspect of this programme is the education of the girl-child has been given a good attention by mothers who are in this programme.