• Training of paralegals/ human rights club members
  • Dispute resolution
  • Prison decongestion
  • Human rights interventions especially for women and the girl child

Training Of Paralegals / Human Rights

In a bid to curtail extreme manifestations of marginalization, enslavement and helplessness of any gender as a result of misinformation, culture and poverty, CWSI engages in the training of paralegals and youth groups who having being trained to becomehumanitarian actors who are able to monitor, track and report human right violations for appropriate measures that promotes the fundamental rights of every individuals especially women and the girl-child. As community watch dogs, they are able through their training to define, identify and report situations of gender violations as well as protect further breach of individual or group rightsespecially women within the community. Presently, CWSI has a set of trained paralegals and human rights group in Cross River, Delta,Kogi Niger, AkwaIbom and Adamawa states. 

Dispute Resolution

The cost of hiring the services of a legal practitioner remains a capital intensive venture especially considering the income level of the individuals at the grassroots and indigent persons in our society. Hence CWSI through the use of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)assist indigent persons in the resolution of conflicts or dispute at the family and community levels through the use of ADR skills and Advocacy strategies.

Prison Decongestion

As a means of bringing succor to the downtrodden, CWSI in January 2013 ventured into prison apostolate. The staff has been visiting some prisons and providing some services to the inmates. Some of the activities carried out in the prisons include:

  • Free legal services to indigent prisoners who cannot afford the services of legal practitioners. This is achieved through our collaboration with the Legal Aid Counsel and the Human Rights Commission.
  • Payment of fines and release of indigent inmates who have been convicted for minor offenses with different terms of imprisonment but with an option of fine.
  • Enhancement of speedy dispensation of Justice in the Criminal Justice System. This is achieved through Advocacy Visits to the Stakeholders concerned.
  • Counseling services

So far, with the aid of some CWSI friends, CWSI hasfacilitated the release of 30 inmates.

Human Rights Interventions

CWSI works to uphold the dignity of each person especially the women and the girl-Child who are subjected to all forms of inhuman treatment in the name of culture and religion such as Female Genital Mutilation, widowhood practices and other cultural/ traditional beliefs, commonly practiced in the states of our intervention but inimical and degrading to women. So far, CWSI has adopted various measures of reform such as Advocacy, conscientization, Awareness creation, training and empowerment to eliminate these inhuman cultures and traditions. As a catalyst of change, CWSI fights for the elimination of harmful cultural practices which are repugnant to Natural Justice, Equity and good conscience and this is enhanced through the work of trained Paralegals located in the various communities in the five states.