CWSI as a gender organization has been working towards the mainstreaming of gender in the society. She does this through conscientisation and awareness creation. There is need for a wide spread of knowledge of this concept in the society so that no action will be based on ignorance. Very often one gender is treated inappropriately against the other under the guise of culture, religion or even ignorance. No matter the interpretation given to such actions, CWSI stands out tall in the society by helping the offenders to strengthen their thoughts and build their spirit of acceptance and tolerance of the opposite gender. Gender is not another word for women or man. These are distinct species created by God in His image and likeness therefore treating man or women in an inferior manner is a sin against the Creator. In gender debate, equity and equality of purpose should be the base line of action and relationship. That is why in CWSI, all our interventions considers men and women and therefore are designed on the basis of gender understanding. Many actions have been carried out in this regards, be it politics, education, economic or civic education, all are designed and carried out bearing in mind the need to balance up gender dimension of the society.