Education is a matter of right more as it is a privilege. Granted that one may not be privileged to attend higher institution after primary and secondary school, the fact that the basics should be within the reach of all cannot be over emphasized. Despite this fact, many children especially girls roam the streets being used often as family substitutes and inits debase level, they are used as sex objects, and beast of burden. CWSI in an attempt to correct this injustice done to the girl-child embarked on a mission to educate as many girl child as is within her reach.

In the last three years CWSI has identified and sent back to school in Cross Rives StatesĀ  92 children who may not have had the chance of being educated.

In Delta State the same project has been carried out of the identification and education of the girl child from poor homes. So far, 16 children have benefited from the programme.

Conflict is one situation that compounds the humiliation some women and girls suffer. With the continuous activities of the insurgents in the North East of Nigeria where some schools have been shot down for over two years, coupled with the incessant abduction of women and girls, the few girls who enrolled in school have dropped out and are locked up in the safety of their homes for fear of the unknown some are in the internally displaced persons camps where education is a thing of mirage for them. CWSI therefor have ventured into Adamawa State, identifying some indigent girls and placed them in school so that they can get qualitative education in a conducive environment.

Besides the conflict situation mentioned above some of the girls who are benefiting of this programme are victims of early pregnancies or from a chronic abject poverty stricken families who may never have the opportunity of completing their secondary education. There are many more of such cases and they are hoping that you will one day come their way bringing them succor.

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